Friday, April 1, 2016

Write-to-Publish Faculty Interview: Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, Manuscript Makeovers & Elective Classes

Tells us a little about your Manuscript Makeovers Group and the benefits to conferees?

     This has become a surprise hit of WTP in the past two years.  It's a one evening event that we open to everyone, and each year more than 70 people have attended.  Those who have submitted sample manuscript pages receive them back from me fully proofread and copyedited for style, punctuation, grammar, syntax, spelling, format, and marketability. However, additionally, I select two pages from every paid entry and I put those pages on a screen up in front of the whole audience and I explain what corrections and changes I made and why they helped improve the manuscript.  Everyone in the audience gets to benefit from seeing my editing of these sample pages from novels, articles, devotions, interviews, and short stories.
(Note: These manuscripts are not the free evaluations that come with the WTP registration. These are critiqued for an additional fee. See requirements here.)

Please give us one thing from each of your classes that you hope students will walk away with.

Titles, Leads and Conclusions that Grab Readers (Wednesday afternoon):

It has been said,  "The first chapter sells the book, and the last chapter sells the next book." So, beginnings and endings must be well written. Those in my session will be given techniques for immediately grabbing readers' attention and then pleasing them with a worthy payoff at the end.

Writing and Selling Testimonies (Friday afternoon):

Whether a missionary, pastor, counselor, teacher, deacon, elder, professor, youth leader, chaplain, or lay worker, many people have incredibly inspiring stories to share about how God has impacted their lives in miraculous ways. This session will show individuals how to convert those experiences into publishable manuscripts.

Writing and Selling a Column (Friday afternoon):
City newspapers, church web sites, regional magazines, and specialty periodicals are all seeking columnists who can deliver excellent copy on a steady basis. This session will show how to come up with a marketable idea for a column, how to write it, and how to find a publisher for it.

Anything else you would like to add?

Dr. Dennis E. Hensley has a new writing book coming out in August from Bold Vision Books, titled, Finding Success with Your Dream Writing Projects.

More about Doc Hensley at his website:

Write-to-Publish meets June 8 - 11
in the Chicago area.

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