Friday, April 29, 2016

Write-to-Publish Faculty Interview: Debra Butterfield, Editor, CrossRiver Media Group & Elective Course Instructor

Tell us about CrossRiver Media Group.

CrossRiver Media Group is a small Christian publishing company based in western Kansas. Founded in 2010 by Tamara Clymer, CrossRiver started with a dream of publishing books and other materials that would help Christian women in their daily walk with the Lord. We publish inspirational fiction--contemporary, historical, and romance--and non-fiction that includes Bible studies, Christian living, family and marriage, and devotionals.

How can a writer best prepare for an appointment with you?

Study our submission guidelines, found at and be prepared to explain how her/his manuscript fulfills our mission statement: to glorify God by providing high-quality books and materials that ignite a woman’s relationship with God and inspire her to lead a life that honors Him.

Give us a snapshot of your Friday afternoon class, “Working With Editors.”

Say the word 'editor' and writers weep and gnash their teeth. They'd rather have a root canal. "Working with Editors" outlines how the writer can take the pain out of the edit of their manuscript. The workshop covers the writer's attitude, the job of an editor, several ways the writer can help the editor, and the writer's choices in those edits. We'll discuss working with both freelance and publishing house editors.

Read more about CrossRiver Media Group.

Write-to-Publish meets June 8 – 11
in the Chicago area.

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