Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Write-to-Publish Faculty Interview: Dr. Rob Currie, Author, WTP Alum & Elective Course Instructor

Give us a snapshot of your Thursday afternoon elective class, “Promote Your Book with Endorsements.”

Strong recommendations for your book play a critical role in publication and book sales. Learn how to get great blurbs for your book cover and how to get people to review or blog about your book. Discover who to approach and how to persuade those busy people to help you. I’ll share the secrets of how I got best-selling authors to endorse my books. I’ve used these techniques for my fiction, nonfiction, and creative fiction books.

As a WTP alum, how can a writer best prepare for this conference?

First, be ready to learn. Be prepared to hear that you need to change the way you write before you get published. We’d love to get nothing but positive feedback from agents and editors, but that is unrealistic.

Second, prepare and practice your pitch. It’s harder than it initially sounds because it’s difficult to summarize your book in a sentence or two. Google “Book Pitch” and you’ll get some helpful ideas.

(Note: Check out, "Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch to Sell Manuscripts" on Thursday at 3:00 p.m.)

Third, meet and encourage other writers. Ask others what they’re working on.  Take a genuine interest in them. Do it because it’s the right thing to do and because when you offer no-strings-attached encouragement, others will often return the favor.

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Write-to-Publish meets June 8 – 11
in the Chicago area.

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