Tuesday, August 2, 2016

National Coloring Book Day

I received my first coloring book for adults this past Christmas. I have been swept away with the colors and the enjoyment it brings. I seem to come alive when I color.

I have been given or purchased other coloring books since Christmas, new pencils, crayons and pens in which to experiment. I have taken them to a church retreat and had a table full of other colorists join me. People relaxed, opened up and talked about themselves while we colored. I think they felt at ease because everyone was coloring and they were not the center of attention. It was great to color with others, although I have to admit I would rather color alone; I become distracted when I color with others and I am a pretty serious colorist.

I have put all my books and supplies in a bag that I keep next to the living room couch, just like those who keep their crocheting or knitting close at hand. 

I have also purchased The Inspire Bible (Tyndale House) a Bible, not just to read, but to journal and color inside. I have attended a Bible journaling/coloring workshop sponsored by Tyndale House. Check out the workshops here.

If you haven’t tried to color, why not give it a try today in observance of National Coloring Book Day.

Are you a colorist? What do you like to color?