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Write-to-Publish Faculty Interview: Joani & Jenni Beaver of the Positive Note Network

Please tell us about the Positive Note Network.
We are Joanie and Jenni Beaver with Positive Note Network. PNN is a multi-faceted media company dedicated to spreading positivity through multiple traditional and social media outlets. We are coming to Write-to-Publish as representatives of two of PNN's facets, Positive Note Magazine and Positive Publishing.

Positive Note Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine that carries out the mission of our company. We have everything from poems to memoirs to uplifting articles. Our writers range from newbies to experienced like Ginger Kolbaba and Twila Belk. We welcome all kinds of styles of writing and just ask that people keep it positive and Christ-centered.

Positive Publishing is a concierge publishing house that combines the best of traditional and self-publishing. We are currently working with the Choose Joy Foundation to publish a study guide (book and DVD set) and we are also publishing a murder mystery series called The Case Files of Rebecca Dalton. 

Who are you hoping to meet during
We're hoping to connect with all kinds of conferees. We're looking for magazine articles (fiction and non-fiction) and we're looking for books to publish under Positive Publishing. This is everything from a non-fiction self-help book to romantic suspense. We'll even work with children's book authors. Age doesn't matter either! Jenni is twenty and loves working with younger authors (for the magazine and publishing house).

Give us a snapshot of the classes you will teach.
Polished Promotion on a Budget is about how to promote yourself without hiring a publicist. It's all about how to leverage the assets you have on your side right now like your Facebook account or your Twitter, even your email. We'll also talk about creating a website and how to use that website to promote yourself without spending big bucks. By the end of the class we hope that people will walk away with the knowledge to start building a brand and a platform. They'll have various free options shown to them (like social media posting) but we'll also provide inexpensive paid outlets (online advertising) to get them started on this journey. That way they can approach publishers and agents with confidence knowing they have a platform on their side.

Identify and Reach Your Target Audience is exactly what it sounds like. It's about the generation gap between Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers, and Millennials and how to figure out how to get to ALL of them or, better yet, to figure out if you even need to reach them all. We'll be breaking down each generation, what draws their attention, how you can reach them, how you can hold their focus, and how you can get them to commit to either following you or making a purchase.

Navigating the Digital Landscape (Beginners) is for the conferees who don't know where to begin with social media or a website. They might have a Twitter with a few followers or a Facebook page with a few posts here and there but they're not sure who they're reaching or how they're doing it. We'll talk about the different social media outlets, how to use them effectively, and how to track analytics. We've made sure to label it as a beginner course, because it's the bare bones of what you'll need to know. Social media is a complicated meal, and we're just going to be cutting it into smaller bites. 

The New Face of Publishing is about where publishing is going. It'll be a little bit about traditional publishing, but more about how self-publishing is asserting its position in the industry. In this class we'll also talk more about Positive Publishing and what it does compared to what other houses are doing. We hope this class can help authors decide what route is best for them so they get the most out of their publishing experience!

About Joanie and Jenni: 

Joanie is a breast cancer survivor and a lover of all things positive. The idea for Positive Note Network was given to her years ago, but was truly conceived in her while she was battling cancer. She says during the process she felt a peace about everything, because she knew God had her back but there are people out there who don't have that. She started the company to reach those people The ones who need positivity and the ones who need Jesus. She's the creator of Positive Note Magazine and does all of the graphic work. It's her baby and she loves nurturing it and getting to know the writers who support it.

Jenni is a twenty-year-old college graduate who loves all things film. She has several short film projects under her belt and is now diving into larger, feature style projects. While she is more behind-the-scenes, she compliments Joanie's (her mom) outgoing personality well. She loves taking footage and seeing how it can come to life in the post-production phase. She's also a writer who enjoys reading and writing a good thriller.

Learn more on the web about Positive Note Network.

Write-to-Publish meets June 14-17
in the Chicago area.

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