Thursday, April 27, 2017

Write-to-Publish Faculty Interview: Marilyn Jansen of Worthy Publishing Group

Please describe your publishing house.

Worthy Publishing Group is a privately held, independent voice in inspirational publishing, based in Nashville, Tennessee. Worthy has four imprints: Worthy Books publishes a broad spectrum of genres, including current events, pop culture, biography, fiction, spiritual growth, and specialized Bibles; WorthyKids and its Ideals imprint create colorful, interactive children’s books, including VeggieTales and Berenstain Bears, for ages 2 to 8; Ellie Claire produces beautifully crafted journals, gifts, gift devotionals, and paper expressions; and Worthy Inspired publishes inspirational felt-need, personal growth, and devotional books. I will be representing Ellie Claire and Worthy Inspired.

How can a writer best prepare for an appointment with you?

Have a proposal ready and be prepared to sell it. Identify your audience. Tell me why the audience would need or want this book. Explain the felt need of this concept. Explain how you will help market this book. Know comparable books and be prepared to demonstrate why yours is needed, wanted, or how it will be different from those. Explain your connection to the content and/or expertise concerning the subject of this book. I have to sell your idea to a pub board so I need you to make me a believer.

Do you publish first-time authors?

We do publish first time authors. We love them and their enthusiasm. However, we expect them to do their homework and come to us prepared to do the work needed to launch their book. And it helps if they already have a social platform or are building one. 

Anything else you would like to add or any specific current needs?

We are always looking for devotionals that meet the felt needs of our market: keeping your life together when the world seems to be falling apart; how to live with joy when all you feel is loneliness, anxiety, or regret; how to be real in a fake news world; the adventure of being an empty-nester; etc.

Read more about Worthy Publishing Group.

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  1. Thank you for the concise information. I'm getting excited about going to the Write to Publish Conference in June!

  2. Marilyn, Marilyn, Marilyn! We get to be together!!!!!


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