Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Write-to-Publish Faculty Interview: Cindy Sproles of Christian Devotions, Straight Street Books and SonRise Devotionals

Please tell us about the publications you represent.

Christian Devotions Ministries (www.christiandevotions.us) is a website devoted to spreading the Word of God through devotions. We are pleased to help writers gain their first writing credit by publishing on our site. ChristianDevotions.us welcomes it's 9th year of ministry. During this time over 800 writers have been published on our site, with approximately 20 having received in house contracts from major publishers, home school publishers, and magazines. We welcome new and seasoned writers. Guidelines are posted on the Write for Us tab at www.christiandevotions.us.

Straight StreetBooks, an imprint of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, is a non-fiction imprint. We are always looking for fresh Christian Living books, solid teaching or pastoral type books, and good stories on current issues, even good biographical works. We are looking for stories that can change lives.  We do not accept memoirs.

SonRise Devotionals, as an imprint of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, wants fresh devotional books. We are looking for devotionals that dig into the heart of scripture and offer the reader a return to deeper learning. We are not against niche books but we prefer manuscripts that address life as a whole. (Think Oswald Chambers or Streams in the Desert). We prefer 60-90 day devotional. 

Who are you hoping to meet with during appointments?

I love new writers. It's always a joy to give them guidance and encouragement. But as far as manuscripts goes, I'm searching for individuals who can freshen up the old stale non-fiction world. I'd love to new approaches on how to draw closer to Christ, incorporate Him stronger into your life, and encouragement for the readers.

Could you give us a snapshot of your two classes?

Preparing for Appointments

Every writer needs to be prepared to manage those very short 15 minute appointments. In this class we will go over all you need and what you DON'T need to make the best of your 15 minutes with an editor or publisher.

Writing to Engage the Reader

This class discusses the importance of that first paragraph and first page. We discuss cliffhangers and how to incorporate the various types of cliffhangers into each chapter. We also discuss remaining true to your voice.

The Heart of a Writer

In this class we walk through various ways a writer can build their writing portfolio. We address attitude, working with an editor and publisher, learning to accept rejection and learning to accept a contract with the write heart. Today's writers feel a lot of entitlement - we discuss the "call of writing" and how you continue to strive toward the goal of publication without losing sight of what God calls you to do.

Write-to-Publish meets June 14-17

in the Chicago area.

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