Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Write-to-Publish Faculty Interview: Rusty Wright, Communicating Christ to Non-Christian Audiences Continuing Class

Would you give us a brief breakdown of your class?

My junior year at Duke, I sent my abnormal psychology term paper – about a biblical therapy for anxiety – to our textbook author, a UCLA professor.  He asked permission to quote from it in his textbook revision. I visited him that summer, shared the Gospel, and he trusted Christ. The next edition of his textbook had a short portion about religion and psychotherapy, and included some of my faith story.

I began telling psych profs I was a "case" in their abnormal psychology textbook.  Many invited me to speak. By God's grace, that jumpstarted a speaking and writing ministry that has taken me around the world sharing Christ in secular settings with university students and professors, executives, diplomats, professional athletes, on TV/radio, and via print media and the Internet.

I've learned a lot – made plenty of mistakes – and am looking forward to helping you get inside nonbelievers' hearts and minds, consider how they think and feel, and learn how to sensitively relate biblical concepts to their lives so they'll enjoy it. We'll discuss connecting with skeptics and using humor successfully.  You'll get to apply all this in class to plan your own book, article, website, or other project.

What is one thing Christians do when they speak to or write for a non-Christian audience that leaves a negative message?

In this rough-and-tumble world, it is easy for believers to succumb to the temptation to view nonbelievers as adversaries – sometimes even as the "enemy" – rather than as the lost, to focus on winning an argument rather than on winning a person.  I've been there. 

When I let God help me have His attitude toward the people I'm trying to reach, it's easier to focus on speaking/writing in their emotional, psychological, and intellectual languages, finding where they itch and scratching there so I can point them to Jesus and biblical perspectives.

Who should attend your class?

Anyone interested in:

·   Writing (or speaking/broadcasting, etc.) to inspire nonbelievers and for the secular, mainstream market

·   Using humor to gain and keep attention, drive home your points, and have fun

·   Building bridges to skeptics – without compromising truth – so they enjoy reading/hearing you and want more

·   Translating Christianese into Normal HumanSpeak

·   Multiplying your reach to nonbelievers via the Internet

Find our more about Rusty at

Write-to-Publish meets June 14-17
in the Chicago area.

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