Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Write-to-Publish Faculty Interview: Rachel LaMonica Pellegrino of Little Lamb Books

Give us a description of Little Lamb Books.

Little Lamb Books is an independent publisher of faith-based fiction for elementary, middle grade, and young adult readers. We launched in 2015 and are planning to produce 8-10 titles by the end of 2017 ranging from full-color picture books to our first book in a YA trilogy. Our goal is to produce stories that encourage young readers in their faith through biblical principles, inspire their love of reading with strong characters and curious storytelling, and delight their imagination with colorful illustrations and covers.

Who do you hope to meet with during appointments?

I hope to meet agented and unagented authors who have completed, edited, and ready-to-publish manuscripts in a range of genres from humor to contemporary to fantasy. We are looking for submissions that are clean, have clever writing and make a positive impact on kids in all age categories. We do not accept nonfiction or adult fiction. Authors should review our website and our submissions guidelines to get to know our vision for our company and authors.

How about a snapshot of the classes you will be teaching.

Writing for Young Children:

There is a general mistake among writers that writing for young children is easy. The truth is that it can be quite challenging, especially if you are adding a faith element. It’s not just about being silly or simple, but about crafting a story that will grab a child visually and verbally. We will discuss a variety of publishing trends, writing tips, and pros and cons.

Writing Youth Fiction:

There are many clich├ęs today in writing for young adults, which frankly just means that your main character is a “youth”. You can write in a wide-range of genres, but there are many important factors that should be remembered in order to write successfully for young adults. We will discuss these factors and how adding a faith-base can also be done.

Five Must-haves for Author Platforms:

Are you confused about what an “Author Platform” really is? Do you wonder what agents and editors are looking for exactly? Whether you have zero books published or a plethora of titles published, every author needs to think about and plan out their platform, and this class will tell you the Five Must-haves that will help a rookie build a strong platform and a veteran assess their current platform.

Read more about Little Lamb Books.

Write-to-Publish meets June 14-17
in the Chicago area.

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